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ThirdHand: Wearing a Robotic Arm to Experience Rich Force Feedback

Mobile devices such as smartphones become prevalent gaming platforms. To enrich the gaming experiences, researchers are increasingly interested in bringing various haptic feedbacks to the mobile...

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WholeGrip: Grip Type Master Hand with the Whole Hand Tactile Feedback

For the intuitive manipulation of teleoperating robot hand and virtual avatar hand (slave hand), tactile feedback is essential. This is especially true when the slave hand interacts with virtual or...

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Bump Ahead: Easy-to-Design Haptic Surface using Magnet Array

We humans love to touch and feel things. In particular, children tend to touch anything because they have a great deal of curiosity. They try to feel various kinds of textures and enjoy...

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Peeling Museum

The Peeling Museum is an interactive system that allows users to peel virtual objects. Users can peel virtual objects on screen with our unique device, named the “Peeling Interface.” The sensation...

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