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Peeling Museum
Thursday, 05 November
13:00 - 14:20
Kobe Int’l Exhibition Hall No. 2, Convention Hall, Level 1

Peeling Museum

The Peeling Museum is an interactive system that allows users to peel virtual objects. Users can peel virtual objects on screen with our unique device, named the “Peeling Interface.” The sensation of peeling, which involves experiencing the deformed shapes of objects, sound, vibration, and the resistance to peeling, is presented when users manipulate the Peeling Interface. Several haptic interfaces that provide attractive force have been proposed. These are designed for force/tactile presentation when touching objects or tracing surfaces, but no works intended to present a peeling sensation. Our Peeling Interface is a force/tactile feedback interface that provides resistance force and vibration related to peeling. This interface is placed on a steel plate, and is equipped with electromagnets. In addition, Peeling Interface has a unique configuration that a piece of cloth is attached to the device as a gripper. The existence of this gripper contributes to provide a feeling of peeling, instead of touching or tracing. A user manipulates the Peeling Interface by pinching and dragging the gripper, feeling the resistance force by the electromagnet.

We expect the peeling action to be a novel innovative way of presenting internal structures. Also the resistance force of peeling can present information that cannot be presented by only tracing on the touch screen. The Peeling Museum gives user a unique insight that occurs when the object is being peeled and imparts knowledge gained from the experience of peeling objects that are usually impossible to peel.


Tomoki Kamiya,Meijo University

Daisuke Oishi,Meijo University

Yasuyuki Yanagida,Meijo University

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