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CityHeat: Visualizing Cellular Automata-based Traffic Heat in Unity3D

Cellular Automata (CA) based simulation can be employed to understand traffic heat emission at micro scale level. Simulation space is divided into cubes of various sizes that encapsulate temperature...

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Towards In Situ Visualization of Extreme-Scale, Agent-Based, Worldwide Disease-Spreading Simulations

Exascale computing is regarded as a major milestone for a number of application fields. However, utilizing the massively parallel power of such architectures requires a significant paradigm shift in...

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GPU-Based Inverse Rendering With Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization

We present a novel, GPU-accelerated per-pixel inverse rendering (IR) optimization algorithm based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), IRPSO. IRPSO estimates the per-pixel scene attributes...

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Transparent Visualization of Large-Scale and Complex Polygon Meshes Using a Stochastic Point-Based Rendering Method

Efficient and reliable transparent visualization of large and complex surface data is important in many applications, including the visualization of medical data. Among the many methods,...

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A Bottom-Up Scheme for User-Defined Feature Comparison in Ensemble Data

Most of the existing approaches to visualizing the vector field ensembles are achieved by visualizing the uncertainty of individual variables of different simulation runs, for example, geometry...

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