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3-D Crystal Exhibiting Multiple 2-D Images with Directivity

The 3-D objects designed by our proposed algorithm can exhibit multiple 2-D images towards different directions simultaneously. The exhibited 2-D images have a directional characteristic. In this...

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A Motion Style Estimator for Lost Folk Dances in Akita Prefecture, Japan

This study proposes a method to obtain the information contributing to the restoration of the lost folk dances in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Specifically, we estimate the motion style of the lost...

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A Weaving Creation System for Bamboo Craft-Design Collaborations

This work creates an interactive design system for bamboo weaving. Given an original image as reference, the system extracts curves to form one unit, and allows the user to composite multiple units...

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Generating Face Ink Portrait from Face Photograph

The Chinese ink portrait requires sophisticated skills and the training. In this research, a Chinese portrait generation system is proposed to allow the user to convert face images to Chinese ink...

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Snow globe of neural forest

This new style of a snow globe was made by 3D printing and biochemistry. Cell blocks fall in the brain-shaped container like snowflakes. We can see the small brain world repeatedly. This artwork...

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Waving Tentacles 8x8: Controlling a SMA Actuator by Optical Flow

The goal of this research is to realize the expression of a kinetic artwork or interactive artwork such as waving tentacles of sea anemones. In this paper, we introduce an experimental system with...

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xPrint: From Design to Fabrication for Shape Changing Interfaces by Printing Solution Materials

In this report, we propose to use an integrated system to seamlessly combine digital design with prototype fabrication for producing shape changing interfaces. This platform with pre-programming...

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