Papers Session Two: Applications

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Up‐to‐date Virtual UX of the Kesennuma‐Yokocho Food Stall Village: Integration with Social Media

The objective of this study is to develop a 3D application that provides an up‐to‐date virtual experience of the Kesennuma‐Yokocho food stall village. This app aims to enable users to feel the “here...

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Mobile map applications and the democratisation of hazard information

The geospatial web — exemplified by the popularity of Google Maps — has democratised the accessibility of geospatial data that was previously available only to those with expertise in GIS...

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MAVIS: Mobile Acquisition and VISualization - A Professional Tool for Video Recording on a Mobile Platform

Professional video recording is a complex process which often requires expensive cameras and large amounts of ancillary equipment. With the advancement of mobile technologies, cameras on mobile...

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ScoringTalk: A Tablet System Scoring and Visualizing Conversation for Balancing of Participation

We present a tablet system providing real-time feedback to participants of face-to-face multi-party conversation on the scores of talking. In multi-party conversation, sometimes one speaks too much...

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Twech: A Mobile Platform to Search and Share Visuo-tactile Experiences

When using social networking, users often upload digital media to capture their experiences, and this includes video or photos of meals, landscapes, gatherings of friends, etc. These events are...

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