Papers Session One: Ray Tracing and Rendering

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Latency Tolerance Techniques for Real-time Ray Tracing on Mobile Computing Platform

In this paper, we propose an efficient ray scheduling algorithm and non-block cache architecture to hiding main-memory access latency targeting real-time ray tracing on mobile device. We first...

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An Efficient Hybrid Ray Tracing and Rasterizer Architecture for Mobile GPU

We present a bandwidth- and energy-efficient, hybrid ray tracing and rasterizer architecture for tile-based mobile GPU. In order to successfully commercialize mobile System on Chip (SoC), including...

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A Mobile Ray Tracing Engine with Hybrid Number Representations

This paper presents optimization techniques devised to a hardware ray tracing engine which has been developed for mobile platforms. Whereas conventional designs deal with either fixed-point or...

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Apparent Resolution Enhancement for Near-Eye Light Field Display

Light field 3-D displays enable stereoscopic visual experience by simultaneously delivering multiple images corresponding to varying viewpoints to a viewer. When used in a near-eye wearable display...

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Tile-based Path Rendering for Mobile Device

In this paper, we present a tile-based path rendering scheme that provides a fast rendering on mobile device. Because legacy path rendering schemes have memory or computing intensive work, they do...

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