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Mixed-Reality Web Shopping System Using Panoramic View Inside Real Store
Wednesday, 04 November
10:30 - 12:00
Kobe Int’l Conference Center, Room 401, Level 4

Mixed-Reality Web Shopping System Using Panoramic View Inside Real Store

In recent years, support for "disadvantaged shoppers" has been actively considered in Japan. Disadvantaged shoppers, that is, people who feel difficulty in shopping, means not only senior citizens living in rural districts, but also people who want to have enough free time to go shopping but cannot do so because of their jobs or the demands of family care and nurturing. On an e-commerce sites (EC sites), users can easily search for a desired product by inputting words into a web browser. However, they fail to find it if text is unsuitable. When users review a list of products on an EC site, they are forced to scroll through a large number of products. Photo images of a product are also insufficient for checking details, and the size of the product cannot be understood intuitively. In this paper, we propose a mixed-reality shopping system with panoramic movies photographed along the aisles of a real store. In this system, using a tablet as the controller, the user can move freely around the store while viewing the panoramic movie. Products can be selected and freely viewed from any angle by rotating the tablet. Furthermore, by utilizing a Photo-based augmented reality (Photo AR) system the product can be displayed as if it were in the hands of the user.


Masaya Ohta , Osaka Prefecture University

Shunsuke Nagano , Osaka Prefecture University

Koichi Nagata , Osaka Prefecture University

Katsumi Yamashita , Osaka Prefecture University

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