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Learning Hawaiian Hula Dance by Using Tablet Computer
Monday, 02 November
16:15 - 18:00
Kobe Int’l Exhibition Hall No. 2 Meeting Room 2A, Level 2

Learning Hawaiian Hula Dance by Using Tablet Computer

In this paper, we describe that CG animation shown on tablet computer was utilized for learning dancing. It was used for high school students who practice dancing so that the presence of learning effect could be examined. As a result, it became clear that CG animation brought discovery to learners by them seeing themselves objectively. In addition, it also became clear that its handiness enables learners to check their own movements by using tablet computer. Moreover, such a new learning method that video was checked after CG animation was watched was established.


Yoko Usui , Tohoku University

Katsumi Sato , Tohoku University

Shinich Watabe , Tohoku University

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