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ChameleonMask: A Human-Surrogate System with a Telepresence Face

ChameleonMask is a telepresence system that displays a remote user’s face on another user’s face. Whereas most telepresence systems are designed to provide the remote user with an existence via a...

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JackIn Head: An Immersive Human-Human Telepresence System

Sharing full immersive experience in real-time has been the one of ultimate goals of telecommunication. Possible application can include various applications such as entertainment, sports viewing,...

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SkinWatch: Adapting Skin as a Gesture Surface

We propose SkinWatch, that adapts human skin as a deformable surface to enable skin gesture interaction. Skin gesture is a new interaction modality not only for wearable applications, but also...

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Ear Ball for Empathy: Research into the Simulation of Sensory Experiences Common to Developmental Disorders

Developmental disorders (particularly autism spectrum disorders) are characterised by difficulties in sensory integration and a body image which differs from the normal, healthy one. In order to...

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