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Ketsuro-Graffiti: A Canvas with Computer Generated Water Condensation

Water condensation (Ketsuro in Japanese) is a natural canvas found on a car window or a glass on which we often scribble figures, illustrations, and messages. In this paper, we propose...

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fVisiOn: Interactive Glasses-free Tabletop 3D Images Floated by Conical Screen and Modular Projector Arrays

The “fVisiOn” project provides virtual 3D media naturally alongside real media without the need for special glasses. Its design concept floats full-color 3D images of a 360°-view onto an empty,...

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R2D2 w/ AIRR: Real time & Real space Double-Layered Display with Aerial Imaging by Retro-Reflection

We present a double-layered display based on Aerial Imaging by Retro-Reflection (AIRR) and transparent tabletop display. AIRR is a lens-less re-imaging technique, hence provides wide-view-angle,...

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X-Dimensional Display: Superimposing 2D Cross Sectional Image inside 3D Wireframe Aerial Image

In this paper, we propose a new interactive volumetric display which simultaneously shows a floating 3D image and its 2D cross sectional image inside it. This display enables users to see an...

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