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Electric Bow Interface 3D
Tuesday, 03 November
09:30 - 16:30
Kobe Int’l Exhibition Hall No. 2, Convention Hall, Level 1

Electric Bow Interface 3D

Electric Bow Interface 3D is the AR Game System, and we developed Shadow Shooter that is content for it. This converts the room in the game space of the content, is a system for projecting an image in all directions. Innovation of Electric Bow Interface 3D is a realization of the interface with the real feeling and sense of things in immersive video content. This system can be applied the real physical ability to a game. In actual game using this system, a significant difference in the scores appeared when compared with archery experience and other people. Conversely, we will be able to use in real archery training by using this system. This system images look natural than the HMD. If you shoot a bow in the real, own nose, arm, strings, bow, flying arrow and target is visible from the front to the eye. However, when using the HMD, all images are visible at the same distance. Arm actually holding the bow exists across the images. In addition, you cannot see the actual bow, arms and the holding hands. In this research, because it has a built-in mobile laser projector in the bow and detect own direction, can be presented without changing the order. Visual conflicts do not occur. By adjusting the viewing angle of the image, the image is real like there is another world exists in reality. Also because this has a built-everything, fully operate in stand-alone. Therefore, easy setting, the cost is low. Also in the future and has the potential to be developed so that it can be used while moving.


Masasuke Yasumoto, Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Takehiro Teraoka, Tokyo University of Technology

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