Session Three: LIFE AFTER LIFE

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Meditative Process in New Media Art: An affective possibility of digital media in the art making process

This paper explores the affective potentials in digital media as looking into the process of art making. Contemplating the unique experience of artists with technology, this paper suggests alternative ways of building a relationship between digital media and human bodies, considering the gap as an open space for a metaphysical freedom.

Su Hyun Nam

University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Super-Natural: Digital Life in Eastern Culture

We examine how digital media technologies are predominantly framed through a cultural Western lens then advance the proposition that by framing digital media technologies through an Eastern lens we may better understand how digital media and digital systems can promote a sense or perception of “technology-being-with-us”.

In Dae Hwang

Monash University

Mark Guglielmetti

Monash University

Vince Dziekan

Monash University


The tension between biology and political economy brings the following questions: is an individual an owner of its own body? does owning constitute its property? and under which conditions? what are the methods for authorising and selling organs, cells or DNA? under which conditions can companies manage biological material?

Robert Lisek

City University of New York

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