Session One: DEATH

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(Projection) mapping the brain: a critical cartographic approach to the artist's use of fMRI to study the contemplation of death.

Production of life-sized self-portrait comprising digital animations and live action video projection-mapped onto a 3D print from MRI data gathered as the artist viewed memento mori paintings and meditated on death.

Jane Prophet

CIty University of Hong Kong

SyncDon II: Bio-Synchronical Communication

“SyncDon II” aims to transfer emotion to others non-verbally by the heartbeat synchronization, which induced by the stimuli correlated with heartbeat rhythms. Emotions on the rhythms are passed to someone else through the gift-box. "SyncDon II" tries to enhance our communication with the physical synchronicity.

Issey Takahashi

Nagoya University

Akihito Ito

Nagoya University of Arts

Dear Human

Inspired by the cruelty in intensive farming of animals, the aim of this installation is to remind people of the story behind their food, even if you did not kill the animal, eating is just same as killing them.

Kin Hang Yuen

Hong Kong Design Institute

Sze Mei Lui

Hong Kong Design Institute

Yi Hang Leung

Hong Kong Design Institute

Chun Wai Lai

Hong Kong Design Institute

Siu Tak Ng

Hong Kong Design Institute

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