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Dapper: Decompose-and-Pack for 3D Printing

We pose the decompose-and-pack or DAP problem, which tightly combines shape decomposition and packing of 3D objects for efficient 3D printing. The goal is to optimally decompose-and-pack a 3D object...

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Level-Set-Based Partitioning and Packing Optimization of a Printable Model

Under the multi-phase level set framework, we present an automatic system to generate quality partitioning of various 3D models for packing and fast printing, according to six metrics: stress load,...

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Perceptual Models of Preference in 3D Printing Direction

We introduce a perceptual model for determining 3D printing orientations. 3D printers require robust support structures at overhangs, and often residual material remains even after supports have...

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Interactive Design of 3D Printable Robotic Creatures

We present an interactive design system that allows casual users to quickly create 3D-printable robotic creatures. Our approach automates the tedious parts of the design process while providing...

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