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Continuum Foam: A Material Point Method for Shear-Dependent Flows

We simulate dense foams composed of microscopic bubbles, such as shaving cream and whipped cream. We employ the Material Point Method to discretize a hyperelastic constitutive relation augmented...

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Data-driven Fluid Simulations using Regression Forests

We propose a novel machine learning based approach that formulates physics-based fluid simulation as a regression problem, estimating the acceleration of every particle for each frame. Our GPU...

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Wetbrush: GPU-based 3D Painting Simulation at the Bristle Level

We present a GPU-based 3D painting system that simulates the interactions among brush, paint, and canvas at the bristle level. Using our system, artists can draw realistic and vivid digital...

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Fast Multiple-fluid Simulation Using Helmholtz Free Energy

The dynamic interaction of multiple-fluid mixture is a fascinating phenomenon both visually and mechanically. We have developed a fast and high-fidelity particle-based simulation technique, where...

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Surface Turbulence for Particle-Based Liquid Simulations

We present a technique for adding fine-scale details to particle-based liquid simulations. With just a few thousand coarse simulation particles, we generate detailed surface features that standard,...

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