Policy on Previous Publication

Previously published papers may not be submitted, nor may work be submitted to any other conference or journal, during the SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Technical Papers review period. For more details (for example, on submission of abstracts to other conferences), see Double Submissions in the FAQs. A paper is considered previously published if it has appeared in a peer-reviewed journal or meeting proceedings that are visibly, reliably, and permanently available afterward in print or electronically to non-attendees, regardless of the language of that publication.

Publications such as thesis, technical reports, patents, or abstracts in other conferences do not preclude subsequent publication of a complete paper on the same topic by the same authors. However, such publications by other authors are considered prior art and should be cited as such. Whether this or any other form of prior art "scoops" (precludes publication of) your paper or not is up to the reviewers. Unpublished talks and presentations (including SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia presentations) can be cited, but they need not be, and they are not considered prior art.


Public Disclosure of Conditional and Final Acceptances

Public disclosure of a paper's title, abstract, and contents can have important commercial and legal ramifications. Acceptances are finalized in the beginning of September, at which time the paper's title, abstract, and 50-word summary (written by the authors) may be disclosed publicly in SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 communications. Excerpts of the paper's companion video may also be disclosed. The full paper will not appear until the official publication date of the conference issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics.

No information about rejected papers or papers conditionally accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Graphics will be made public.


Public Availability of your Paper

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Proceedings will be published as ACM Transactions on Graphics, volume 34, a special 8th issue. The publication date of this issue is 26 October 2015. Please be advised that in order to receive maximum international (non-US) patent protection on your paper's ideas, you will need to file your application prior to that date.