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Driving Simulator Study of Driver Behavior while using Head-Up Display

Head-up display (HUD) will be on the market in the near future. The HUD will display several kinds of information on the entire windshield, although the current HUD presents speed information and...

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Visibility and Accuracy in a Monocular Augmented Reality System

Some types of AR display have a large field of view so that the AR image may cover the real world. In a binocular AR presentation, the AR image must prevent observation of the real world. However,...

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Head-Up Display for Motorcycle Navigation

In this paper, we describe a navigation system for motorcycle using the technology of head-up display. While there are various navigation system products for automobiles, motorcyclist has issues in...

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Augmented Reality Monocular Head-Up Display for depth free image

Head-up displays (HUD) superimpose a display image on a real background. A user observes a see-through imaginary image throughout a partially reflective combiner. An advantage of HUD is that the...

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