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Nested Cages

Many tasks in geometry processing and physical simulation benefit from multiresolution hierarchies. One important characteristic across a variety of applications is that coarser layers strictly...

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Generalized Cylinder Decomposition

We are interested in a shape decomposition problem where the simple primitives sought are generalized cylinders. We introduce a quantitative measure of cylindricity for a shape part and develop a...

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Polyhedral Patterns

We study the design and optimization of polyhedral patterns, which are patterns of planar polygonal faces on freeform surfaces. Working with them is desirable in architectural geometry and...

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Rolling Guidance Normal Filter for Geometric Processing

We present an efficient method to process different scale geometric features on a 3D mesh based on a novel rolling-guidance normal filter. Our method empirically smooths small-scale geometric...

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Efficient Construction and Simplification of Delaunay Meshes

We present an efficient algorithm to convert an arbitrary manifold triangle mesh into a Delaunay mesh, where the local Delaunay condition holds everywhere. We also develop a novel algorithm for...

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