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Unbiased Photon Gathering for Light Transport Simulation

We introduce a novel photon gathering method to achieve unbiased rendering with photon mapping. We also show that our method can be combined with bidirectional path tracing and Metropolis light...

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Anisotropic Gaussian Mutations for Metropolis Light Transport through Hessian-Hamiltonian Dynamics

We present a novel Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) rendering algorithm that incorporates the second-order derivatives or Hessian information of the path throughput function, by using Hamiltonian...

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A Matrix Sampling-and-Recovery Approach for Many-Lights Rendering

We propose a new sampling-and-recovery scheme to accelerate the gathering of representative VPLs. Our basic idea is to take the advantage of the low-rank property of the lighting matrix so that we...

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Blue Noise Sampling using an SPH'based Method

This paper presents a new, efficient blue noise sampling method based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. We derive conditions for convergence, parameters for controlling the trade-offs between the...

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AA Patterns for Point Sets with Controlled Spectral Properties

We use AA-Patterns -- ornamental point patterns of number-theoretic nature -- as quasi-random point sets, and adapt them to match a wide range of spectral profiles. We demonstrate that these...

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