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Physically-Accurate Fur Reflectance: Modeling, Measurement and Rendering

We develop a double cylinder model for physically accurate reflectance from fur fibers, and measure a fur reflectance database for 9 animal types, verifying that our model is more accurate than...

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On Optimal, Minimal BRDF Sampling for Reflectance Acquisition

We present an approach for reconstructing BRDFs from a very limited number of samples (n <= 20) and provide a list of the optimum camera/light-source orientations for reconstruction. In addition, we...

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Efficient and Accurate Spherical Kernel Integrals using Isotropic Decomposition

We accelerate spherical filtering using Isotropic Spherical Decomposition, decomposing spherical filters into a linear combination of isotropic kernels. Our formulation is flexible to the choice of...

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A System for Rapid, Automatic Shader Level-of-Detail

We present an end-to-end system for automatically generating simplified shaders from GLSL source. By using novel program transforms and a fast searching algorithm, our system produces plausible...

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Masked Depth Culling for Graphics Hardware

We present a novel Hierarchical depth culling algorithm. It is simple to implement and has fewer constraints than competing algorithms, making it easier to load-balance the hardware. Compared to...

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