Computer Animation Festival

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Computer Animation Festival: Artists Talks 'Award Winners'
Wednesday, 04 November
15:30 - 17:00
Kobe Int’l Exhibition Hall No. 2 Meeting Room 3A, Level 3

Jury Special Prize: Afternoon Class

Afternoon Class hilariously shows the drowsiness flocking towards the character during the afternoon lessons, the head gets heavier and trying to stay alert.
Especially in the classroom when the drowsiness come flocking during the afternoon lessons, experience of trying to overcome the drowsiness physically and mentally or this experience which everyone may have experienced has been drawn into a fantasy.


Director, OH Seoro

Best Student Prize: Natural Attraction

Natural Attraction shows a natural spectacle turning a sparse, dry landscape into a fruitful place bearing new life. The interplay between sky and earth reminds of a sensual love act to express the dependency and perfect correlation of both elements.


Director, Marc Zimmermann

Best Show: Chase Me

Chase Me is a hybrid film between two worlds, stop-motion and CGI films, bringing the beauty of stop-motion to the digital art.

The project first began as a CG movie, which was then 3D printed frame by frame. Each second of the film is made up of 15 frames. Everything on the screen has been 3D printed from the sets to the characters. Chase Meis made about 2500 printed parts.


Composing Artist, Somphout Chanhthaboutdy

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