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Smoothed Aggregation Multigrid for Cloth Simulation

This paper introduces the algebraic multigrid method known as smoothed aggregation to cloth simulation. It handles inherent anisotropies well, it is agnostic to the underlying tessellation, and by...

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A Chebyshev Semi-Iterative Approach for Accelerating Projective and Position-based Dynamics

We present a Chebyshev semi-iterative approach to accelerate the convergence of projective and position-based dynamics by at least one order of magnitude. This approach is simple, fast, effective,...

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Non-manifold Level Sets: A multivalued implicit surface representation with applications to self-collision processing

We present an implicit surface representation that stores signed distance values on the nodes of explicit hexahedral meshes. This level set variant allows us to represent domains with thin...

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SMPL: A Skinned Multi-Person Linear Model

SMPL is a learned posable model of human body shape. We show it is more accurate than BlendSCAPE trained on the same data. We also extend it to realistically model dynamic soft-tissue deformations....

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