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CrossLink: Joint Understanding of Image and 3D Model Collections through Shape and Camera Pose Variations

We present a framework for joint analysis of class-labeled uncurated 2D image and 3D model collections. Using this framework we show how to significantly improve 3D retrieval by exploiting the...

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Joint Embeddings of Shapes and Images via CNN Image Purification

We propose a joint embedding space populated by both shapes and images, where the Euclidean distance between embedded entities reflects the similarity between the objects contained or represented by...

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SHED: Shape Edit Distance for Fine-grained Shape Similarity

We present shape edit distance (SHED), a similarity measure that estimates the amount of effort needed to transform one shape into the other, in terms of rearranging the parts of one shape to match...

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Deformation-Driven Topology-Varying 3D Shape Correspondence

We present a deformation-driven approach to topology-varying 3D shape correspondence. Our method produce a fine-grained correspondence between two 3D shapes that differ in their geometry and...

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Extraction of the Quad Layout of a Triangle Mesh Guided by its Curve-Skeleton

A fast and one-click method produces a coarse quad layout over the triangle mesh of a digital shape using its curve skeleton. The user can steer and refine the process through interactive tools

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