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Garment Modeling with a Depth Camera

We present an intuitive garment modeling system for casual user with only a single depth camera. Given the RGBD sequence of a target garment, our system can quickly produce a high quality garment...

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High-Quality Hair Modeling from A Single Portrait Photo

We propose a novel system to reconstruct a high-quality hair depth map from a single portrait photo with minimal user input. This is achieved by combining depth cues such as occlusions, silhouettes,...

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MeshHisto: Collaborative Modeling by Sharing and Retargeting Editing Histories

We present a system for real-time collaborative editing of low-polygonal models. We cast collaborative editing as a special instance of distributed version control. We support concurrent editing by...

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Interactive Design of Probability Density Functions for Shape Grammars

We present a framework that enables a user to interactively design a probability density function over the space of procedural models and to generate models according to the designed pdf.

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AniMesh: Interleaved Animation, Modeling, and Editing

AniMesh is a system for animation prototyping, retargeting, and editing. We propose skeleton abstraction and motion retargeting algorithms for finding correspondences and transferring motions...

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