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Instant Field-Aligned Meshes

We present a novel approach to isotropically triangulate or quadrangulate surfaces using a unified local smoothing operator that optimizes both the edge orientations and vertex positions in the...

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Orbifold Tutte Embeddings

We present an extension of Tutte's embedding, which is applicable for spherical meshes, which retains all of the original embedding's guarantees: it is computable via solving a sparse linear system,...

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Large-Scale Bounded Distortion Mappings

We propose an efficient algorithm for computing large-scale bounded distortion maps of triangular and tetrahedral meshes. Inspired by alternating optimization and Gauss-Newton approaches, our...

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Quantized Global Parametrization

A novel robust and efficient integer quantization method for global seamless parametrization and quadrilateral remeshing is presented. In contrast to previous approaches it is able to successfully...

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Spherical Fibonacci Mapping

We introduce an inverse mapping for points on the unit sphere which yields the nearest neighbor in an arbitrarily sized spherical Fibonacci point set in constant time, without requiring any...

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