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Depth-Aware Coherent Line Drawings

Existing line drawing techniques that are commonly used to depict shapes and structures lack a sense of spatial arrangement, especially for complex scenes. In this paper we utilize depth information...

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Depth-Aware Patch-based Image Disocclusion for Virtual View Synthesis

Disocclusion that appears when synthesizing virtual views from RGB-D scenes is performed through the integration of depth into the classical patch-based algorithm of Criminisi. The proposed...

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Exemplar-based Video Completion with Geometry-guided Space-time Patch Blending

We propose an exemplar-based video completion algorithm and geometry-guided space-time artifact reduction technique. The completion algorithm extends a method working on still images, to videos. The...

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Gradient Domain Binary Image Hiding Using Color Difference Metric

A method that imperceptibly embeds binary images into the gradient domain of a host CIELAB color image, by modifying the color gradient vectors under a JND constraint. It also supports to hide...

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Illustration2Vec: A Semantic Vector Representation of Illustrations

We build a semantic vector representation of illustrations by training CNNs. As the proposed vector space correctly reflects the semantic meanings of illustrations, users can efficiently search...

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Panorama to Cube: A Content-Aware Representation Method

We propose a novel representation method called Content-Aware Cube Unwrapping for panoramas based on orientational rectification, energy estimation, image unwrapping and seam carving. Thus, many...

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Randomized Redundant DCT: Efficient Denoising by Using Random Subsampling of DCT Patches

In this paper, we propose an acceleration method for image denoising with redundant discrete cosine transform (R-DCT). Experimental results show that our method can accelerate R-DCT, while the...

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Region-Based Painting Style Transfer

In this paper, we present a novel example-based method for creating a painted image from a photograph. Our method allows us to establish automatically a new painted image preserving the features of...

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