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Toe Detection with Leg Model for wearable input/output interface
Wednesday, 04 November
13:30 - 15:15
Kobe Int’l Conference Center, Room 401, Level 4

Toe Detection with Leg Model for wearable input/output interface

In recent years, mobile terminal such as smart phone has become widespread. According to this, we tend to use the information service at a glance and frequently. For example, we use information services to find a route, check e-mails or update of SNS. However, such hand-held mobile terminal needs to retrieve from pocket and hold the device itself by at-least single hand while using. Therefore it is difficult to use hand-held mobile terminal when both hands are occupied.
There is a study which focuses on the wearable projection systems to solve these shortcomings. This study designed interactive floor projection system with hands and toes input in terms of quick and light input system. This system lets user interact with floor projection by pointing the finger or stepping on projection image, as shown in Figure 1. This work unrevealed guidelines of input by hands and toes. In addition, this work evaluate the comfortableness of hybrid input combined hands and toes input in the map control task.
However, in this system, it is difficult for user to input by toes to desired position precisely because of low accuracy of toe detection. In this paper, we propose a new toe detection method by means of implementing a leg model to improve the accuracy of toe detection. Moreover, we conduct user study to investigate accuracy of toe detection compared with proposed and previous method.


Fumihiro Sato , Osaka University

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