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A Method to Generate Hybrid Pointillistic Images

A hybrid image is an image that changes interpretation as a function of viewing distance. In this study, we propose a method to generate hybrid pointillistic images that are generated by...

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Dynamic Rendering Quality Scaling for Mobile GPU

The proposed a novel dynamic rendering quality scaling technique reduces GPU workload significantly by resolution changes and rate control of low resolution frames without human perceptual quality...

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Guided path tracing using clustered virtual point lights

This poster presents an approach to importance sample the incoming radiance distribution estimated by virtual point lights in order to improve path tracing effectiveness.

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Reusing MRTs for Mobile GPUs

A disadvantage of multiple render targets (MRTs) is a huge amount of memory bandwidth requirement. This is obvious obstruction of wide use of MRTs on mobile devices with limited memory...

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Fast Indirect illumination Using Two Virtual Spherical Gaussian Lights

This poster demonstrates dynamic glossy indirect illumination specialized for scenes lit by a spot light. Our method performs in 1 ms using only two virtual spherical Gaussian lights which are...

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