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Interactive tabletop is fundamentally a social entity that allows people to gather around it and to engage in various tasks, individually or in a group. Typically, every table is anchored in an...

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Dollhouse VR: A Multi-view, Multi-user Collaborative Design Workspace with VR Technology‏‏

Architecture-scale design has tedious process of switching two different viewpoints: an internal view to see local details of the space, and a large-scale external view to make global decisions when...

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Consistent Desktop Sharing Based on Document Coordinate System for Face-to-face Online Meeting

Remote physical desktop sharing system has been widely studied in interactive surface research field to support distant collaborative works. Basically, the appearance of a work space on one site is...

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MUBASE and SASR System

We proposed a novel technology called Multiple Beam-forming Area Sound Enhancement (MUBASE) to pick up only sound in a particular area. We also proposed a technology called Stereophonic Area Sound...

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