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Elastylus: Flexible Haptic Painting Stylus
Wednesday, 04 November
11:00 - 12:00
Kobe Int’l Exhibition Hall No. 2, Convention Hall, Level 1

Elastylus: Flexible Haptic Painting Stylus

Air painting applications show that painting by pure hands movement shows much flexibility in artistic improvisation, but still lacks controllability that modern digital styluses provided. We developed Elastylus to integrate the flexibility of air painting and the controllability of styluses. The Elastylus system consists of a touch screen, a Leap Motion controller and one or several elastic finger-mounted styluses with a dynamic coordinate registration method. The touch screen provides the tight overlap of operating and displaying plane, the Leap Motion controller tracks the user's hands movement and the screen position, the elastic styluses provide the haptic feedbacks to sense the fingers' position and orientation relative to the screen, and the dynamic coordinate registration method continually converts the hands movement to the virtual 3D brush movement. Evaluation shows that the user can move brush accurately and steadily utilizing the haptic feedbacks while simultaneously adjust multiple brush properties using hands gesture, achieving flexible and controllable artistic expression.


Ruimin Lyu,Jiangnan University

Haojie Hao,Jiangnan University

Feng Wang,Jiangnan University

Yuan Liu,Jiangnan University

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