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Art and Technology at Pixar, from Toy Story to Today
Tuesday, 03 November
14:15 - 18:00
Kobe Int’l Conference Center, Room 504+505

Art and Technology at Pixar, from Toy Story to Today

Courses Information

Technology has always played an important part in Pixar's movie making process, starting with Toy Story over 20 years ago. This course will take you on a journey through that technical evolution, focusing on how story drove our technical designs and how we utilized new technical advancements to tell more appealing stories. Finally we'll focus on several fundamental changes that happened recently. Prman's long used REYES algorithm, has been replaced by RIS, a modern raytracing engine. At the same time, the shading language used for more than 20 years, RSL, was replaced by C++ and OSL shaders. Pixar's famous subdivision surface algorithm was made open-source, in order to make it available across 3D software, and promote its development at a larger scale.

Ryusuke Villemin, Pixar Animation Studios
Sonoko Konishi, Pixar Animation Studios
Takahito Tejima, Pixar Animation Studios
Christophe Hery, Pixar Animation Studios
David Yu, Pixar Animation Studios

RYUSUKE VILLEMIN began his career at BUF Compagnie in 2001, where he co-developed BUF's in-house raytracing renderer. He later moved to Japan at Square-Enix as a rendering lead to develop a full package of physically based shaders and lights for mental ray. After working freelance for Japanese studios like OLM Digital and Polygon Pictures, he joined Pixar in 2011 as a TD. He currently works in the Research Rendering department.

CHRISTOPHE HERY joined Pixar in June 2010, where he holds the position of Senior Scientist. He wrote new lighting models and rendering methods for Monsters University and The Blue Umbrella, and continues to spearhead research in the rendering arena. An alumnus of Industrial Light & Magic, Christophe previously served as a research and development lead, supporting the facility's shaders and providing rendering guidance. He was first hired by ILM in 1993 as a senior technical director. During his career at ILM, he received two Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

SONOKO KONISHI joined Pixar in 1994 as a Jr. TD after graduating from a fine arts college in the States. She worked on Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 in various departments such as lighting, modeling and character rigging. Over the past 20 years Sonoko has predominantly focused on feature film production but she has also worked on the production of shorts, TV Specials and promotional materials. She currently works for the simulation & digital tailoring department.

TAKAHITO TEJIMA is a senior software engineer at Pixar Animation Studios, focusing on real-time GPU rendering. He previously worked at Polyphony Digital Inc. in Japan, as a lead developer of console video game Gran Turismo series for 12 years. At Pixar, he is currently working on developing proprietary animation software and also OpenSubdiv, the open source subdivision surface library.

DAVID G YU has been at Pixar since 2000 working on the Presto animation system (and its predecessor Marionette) with a focus on advancing the use of GPU technology. Prior to that David was at Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI) developing workstation hardware and software for OpenGL and visual simulation.

Practitioners from CG Animation, VFX Fields and VideoGames, plus researchers interested in the current trend in the industry.

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