Session Two: LIFE

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Numerical Anamorphosis: an Artistic Exploration

We show how raycasting techniques help finding new effective methods for building general anamorphoses, using arbitrary shaped mirrors and three dimensional anamorphic sculptures. This leads in turn to the achievement of 3D printed sculptures, validating the method.

Francesco De Comité

University of Sciences Lille

Laurent Grisoni

University of Lille

Conceptual Superposition. The Aesthetics of Quantum Simulation

I examine the conceptual and aesthetic implications of quantum simulation by reading Richard Feynman's lecture "Simulating Physics with Computers" with Theodor Adorno's aesthetic theory; I argue that the very notion of quantum simulation is in a state of conceptual superposition - which is, at its core, an aesthetic principle.

Fabian Offert

University of California, Santa Barbara

HCI in Performance Arts and the Case of Illimitable Space System's Multimodal Interaction and Visualization

The paper describes the relevant in performance arts and HCI and showcases the Illimitable Space System--a configurable multimodal interactive system prototype for interactive documentaries, dance performance, and musical visualizations using gestures (Kinect) and speech processing for various modes of interaction.

Miao Song

Concordia University

Serguei Mokhov

Concordia University

Peter Grogono

Concordia University

Sudhir P. Mudur

Concordia University

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