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Toward Tactile Contents Design using Laser Engraving Machines
Monday, 02 November
15:45 - 18:00
Kobe Int’l Conference Center, Room 402, Level 4

Toward Tactile Contents Design using Laser Engraving Machines

Although increase in fabrication cost and difficulty in reproduction have been major problems in the field of tactile texture design, recent significant developments of manufacturing devices enable us to design and produce textures in a convenient way (for a book, Gershenfeld, 2005). For example, you can go to public technology laboratory and use 3D printers, and laser engraving machines for texture creations. The new manufacturing tools have extended the possibility of texture design (and also artistic expressions), and accordingly the establishment of the texture design principle for the new technologies would be a next challenge of texture design. In this demo, we will introduce an attempt to construct a principle of the texture design using laser engraving machines, and show examples of design works based on it.


Junji Watanabe, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Sayo Morinaga, Tokyo University of the Arts

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