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Haptoclone as a Test Bench of Weak Force Haptic Interaction
Monday, 02 November
14:15 - 15:45
Kobe Int’l Conference Center, Room 401, Level 4

Haptoclone as a Test Bench of Weak Force Haptic Interaction

Haptoclone (Haptic & optical clone) is a mutual telexistence system producing haptic and optical clone images in mid-air. Two users apart from each other can touch each other with unaided eyes and bare hands via the clones. Since the light field is transferred by a mirror system, the optical 3D image is copied with virtually no delay. When a real object in a workspace is in contact with a clone image, the contact force is given to both the real object and original (real) object of the clone, by concentrating ultrasound energy.
This system can easily create the dynamic and interactive 3D clone images of various objects including human hands. The difference of Haptoclone interaction from actual contact is the displayed force is limited to about 100mN per square centimeter or less and the value is decided by a computer. Besides, the force direction is basically normal to the surface. Under these constraints, we can freely design and experience the multipoint interactions between clones and human hands. This talk explains what exploratory studies is possible using this system. We discuss how human perception, recognition, motion, actuation, and communication can be supported by such a haptic feedback with excellent controllability but under the small maximum force.


Hiroyuki Shinoda, the Univ. of Tokyo

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