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AI techniques for Contemporary Digital Games (Japanese Version)
Monday, 02 November
14:15 - 16:00
Kobe Int’l Conference Center, Room 504+505

AI techniques for Contemporary Digital Games (Japanese Version)

Courses Information

The goal of this course is explaining modern game AI techniques which have evolved in these years. While, before 2000, game AI was the field that gathered very tricky programming techniques, after 2001, game AI has become to a outstanding theory by using academic AI techniques such as robotics AI and learning/evolution algorithm.

The course is divided into five parts. The first part is showing the overview of game AI. The modern AI system consists of distributed three AI such as character AI, Navigation AI, and Meta-AI. Character AI means the decision making system for a character in game, Navigation AI is path navigation system and environment recognition system by analyzing static and dynamic terrain feature in game. Meta-AI controls the flow of game by generating enemy agents at the best points on the game state and increases/decreases number of monsters to adjust difficulty level for each user.

The second part is explaining character AI technologies such as agent architecture, seven popular decision making algorithm, and memory structure. The third part is teaching some techniques of Navigation AI such as Navigation mesh, way points, A* algorithm, Dijkstra algorithm, and so on. The forth part is introducing meta-AI. Meta-AI is new and original technology in game AI. It controls game contents dynamically by generating terrains, populating enemies and changing stories. The fifth part is showing many examples of game titles which use learning techniques and evolutionary algorithms. Recently some titles use them both in game and game development.

Game AI has much possibility to change quality of digital game. In these fifteen years, the base of game AI technology is founded. For the future, they will be applied to the deep core of game system and make AI and games evolve.

Youichiro Miyake, SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD

Youichiro Miyake has been developing game titles while researching game AI technologies as lead AI researcher in SQUARE ENIX in these years. He has developed and designed AI for many game titles. He gave many lectures in the universities and game developer conference in Japan. And he published academic papers which explain game AI and procedural techniques for digital games. Furthermore, he is the chairman of SIG-AI in International Game Developers Association Japan Chapter, and also the board of Digital Game Research Association Japan.

Researchers who want to know recent game AI technology status.
Researchers who combine their research and AI techniques.
Game Developers who want to know character control technologies.
Game Developers who want to know AI techniques for games.
Student who begin to learn game AI techniques.

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